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So you just landed a leadership role at a new company. Congratulations! Going in, you know there’ll be a learning curve when it comes to handling your new responsibilities. But there’s also the people factor to consider.

Being the boss of a completely new team also means influencing a group of employees you don’t know very well to work together (and with you) toward a common goal. Nerve-racking, yes. But not impossible!

Even seasoned leaders make mistakes when managing a new team. Here are four common ones to avoid if you want to make your transition as smooth as possible for both you and your direct reports.

Mistake #1: Acting Before Understanding
If you think the first thing you need to do when joining a new team is to start making changes—slow down. Yes, part of your role is to help things run better, and you were most likely hired to bring in some new perspectives and fix some outdated or dysfunctional strategies. But ignoring input from experienced team members—particularly those who have been at the company for a while—won’t win you any fans.

Instead, you’ll signal to your team that you’re only interested in running a one-person show. And it will leave you vulnerable to making bad decisions that could’ve been avoided had you gotten some context.

This isn’t to say that you need to form a whole committee to make decisions on every little thing. You’re the boss, after all, and sometimes it’s your duty to make the final call. But strive to implement changes (especially big ones) in baby steps and over time. Be receptive to (and ask for!) feedback from your team before moving forward, and communicate your intentions clearly and proactively when you do.

Mistake #2: Constantly Talking About the “Old Job”
Do you find yourself saying all too frequently, “At my old job, we…”? Maybe you’re trying to prove yourself by bringing up your old wins. Or you may just feel comfortable referring back to a time when everything didn’t feel so foreign. (Being the new kid on the block isn’t easy.)

Here’s the thing: Your current team will quickly tune you out if you’re constantly talking about how things were done at your previous company. They want to see that you’re able (and willing!) to adapt to a new environment, and that you can competently lead and work with their unique skill sets.

Yes, you achieved great things in your last role. But don’t get caught living in the past—it’s time to focus on creating new wins with what your new team has to offer.

Mistake #3: Hiding in Your Office
Closing your office door or hiding behind your monitor can give off the appearance that you’re not interested in being there for your employees.

You may think, “I’ve told my team they can come to me any time with questions.” But as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and it can be intimidating for employees to knock on a new boss’ door. There’ll be times when you’ll need (or want) to close the door, and that’s OK—but make sure this doesn’t create a barrier between you and your team.

Make a conscious effort to show your employees that they’re welcome to come seek guidance or share concerns. Literally keeping your door open helps, so does providing “office hours” or popping your head out every few hours or so to see how everyone’s doing.

If you work in an open office, try to avoid wearing headphones all day, and when you can, sit near your team. You can also schedule weekly touch-base meetings with your direct reports so you have dedicated face time with them on a regular basis—and so that they know they will always have the opportunity to discuss something with you.

Mistake #4: Believing You Don’t Need to Know the Details of Your Employees’ Work
Some people think that the role of a leader is to just tell others what to do and set expectations. But there’s more to it than that. You can’t hold employees, especially new direct reports, accountable if you don’t fully grasp what their roles entail and how they approach their work.

While you don’t need to know all of the nitty gritty details of their responsibilities, you want to do more than just care that tasks are getting done. Understanding the “how” of operations and the “whys” behind how your employees tackle them will make both you and your team function better. You’ll be able to better manage them knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred forms of communication, and they’ll feel more comfortable around you and motivated to do great work with the knowledge that you’re invested in their success.

Take the time when you’re just starting out to talk to each employee individually to learn about what they do, what their current challenges are, and how their tasks fit into team or company goals. You can even ask the following questions in your next one-on-one:

What challenges are you facing that are making you less productive?
What’s missing from the team that will help make everyone’s life easier?
How do you like to receive constructive feedback?
What are you hoping to learn from me that will support you in your role?
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
Or you can have them fill out this user manual so you have all the information you need about their working style.

Mistakes are going to happen when you’re starting a new job, whether you’re a manager or not, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get things “right” the first time. Even just reading this article means you care deeply about being a good boss to your new team—and that’s a great place to be in!

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy this new beginning—because it’s one more phase in your career that will help you grow and become the kind of leader you want to be.




Peregian Beach Community Association Inc (PBCAI) has supported Council’s aim of restoring a genuinely local surf club in Peregian Beach, but says a transparent and effective process cannot begin without the release of the Surf Life Saving Sunshine Coast Branch (SLSSC) submission to reactivate the top floor.

Noosa Councillors on Monday, in the General Committee, decided to provide a new Trustee Permit to SLSSC for the Peregian Beach Surf Club building. This will enable SLSSC to enact a new strategic plan to establish a new local surf club entity.

“This new local surf club entity is the outcome we and Council has been seeking for a number of years,” Barry Cotterell, President of PBCAI said today.

The recommended Trustee Permit also seeks to facilitate other community groups’ use of the upper level, where it does not compromise surf life saving activities.

“PBCAI welcomes SLSSC being required to provide reporting of key performance indicators and progress toward establishment of a new Peregian Beach Surf Club entity and to facilitate community access and use of the Level 1 building space”, Barry Cotterell said.

“However, for the Peregian Beach community to fully understand the Council decision and what SLSSC proposes to deliver, it is necessary for Council to release the strategic plan document, Peregian Beach SLSC – A Pathway to the Future of Local Lifesaving, which “articulates a roadmap to establish a new local surf club entity”, Mr Cotterell said.

“The SLSSC strategic plan and its goals, milestones and key performance indicators not only need to be incorporated as conditions of the Permit but also made public for the sake of transparency”, Mr Cotterell said.

“To enable Council to achieve its objectives it will depend on the Conditions of the Permit and these will need to allow it to regularly monitor the progress of the implementation of these objectives” Mr Cotterell said.

“SLSSC could immediately show its good faith by requiring the Noosa Club to stop using the ground floor training rooms for the storage of non-lifesaving purposes. The building should be efficiently used and not be used as a storage facility”, Mr Cotterell said.

“The community use by the Ocean Life Saving Association (OLSA) of the top floor should not be restricted by the use of the ground floor for non-lifesaving purposes especially where those uses are not related to the Peregian Beach community” he said.
“PBCAI congratulates Council on explicitly prohibiting the installation and operation of gambling machines or gambling facility in this Permit and any future long-term Trustee Lease” Mr Cotterell said.




Kenilworth Dairies will conquer new markets and create up to 24 direct and indirect jobs thanks to grant funding from the Palaszczuk Government.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said Kenilworth Dairies was one of 15 businesses in Queensland to receive a Rural Economic Development (RED) Grant to help fund the expansion of their business.

“Kenilworth Dairies is a well-known local dairy producer in the Sunshine Coast area with a strong reputation for producing high-quality dairy products and the funding will go towards establishing their own bottling plant,” Mr Furner said.

“The project is expected to create five jobs through the construction phase with another 24 direct and indirect jobs upon completion to carry out business operations.”

Kenilworth Dairies owner John Cochrane said the RED grant would help cover set up costs and the purchase of equipment for the bottling plant.

“We will use the money to purchase equipment used to pasteurise the milk and set up a laboratory to monitor the milk for quality and safety purposes,” he said.

The bottling plant will help Kenilworth Dairies complete their product line, which includes yoghurt, cheese, mousse and ice cream.

“We want to become a completely independent local dairy provider and the new equipment will help us achieve this by adding bottled milk to our product range,” Mr Cochrane said.

“The plant will process approximately 12,000 litres of milk per day, sourced from our current dairy production and will be distributed to local consumers in the Sunshine Coast area.”

The Rural Economic Development Grant program offers emerging projects up to $250,000 in co-contributions to build industry and grow employment opportunities across the agricultural sector. The $10 million grants program provides for three funding rounds over a three-year period ending 2021.

A total of 15 businesses have received $3.3 million under the first-round of funding for the RED Grant program. Overall these 15 projects are expected to create more than 600 jobs across the agricultural sector in regional Queensland.

Funding for Round 2 of the RED Grants will be announced later this year.

The Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) administers the RED Grant scheme on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.




The Palaszczuk Government is injecting $10 million into the agricultural sector and supporting rural communities through its newly-developed Rural Economic Development (RED) Grants Program.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development Mark Furner said job creation was a number one priority for the government and the RED scheme would be a major boost for rural and regional agricultural businesses that work along the agriculture supply chain and provide local employment opportunities.

“As I travel around regional Queensland many producers and business operators tell me they want to take their enterprise to the next level,” Mr Furner said.

“These new grants will help them to realise that dream.

“When we went to the last election, we committed to providing this $10 million in funding for the express purpose of strengthening our iconic agricultural sector.

“We are now making good on that promise.

“This initiative is another demonstration of the Palaszczuk Government working in partnership with business and industry to achieve our shared goal of a strong economy and jobs growth.”

Minister Furner said the RED grants will be available up to $250,000, with a matching contribution from the successful applicant to be provided.

“QRIDA will administer this scheme, which is expected to begin next month when QRIDA will start accepting applications,” he said.

“We specifically want to help those enterprises that add value to agricultural products, help to develop new markets, and partner with other businesses to expand job opportunities.

“We’re also targeting those businesses that improve energy-use efficiency, including moving to renewable energy sources, and boost productivity through technologies that improve internet connectivity.




PROVEN Sunshine Coast real estate performers Brent Higgins and James Goldsworthy are expanding their customer-focused, auction-based Ray White business to include Kawana.

The experienced and successful Ray White Mooloolaba directors are thrilled to be taking ownership of a second office in one of the country’s fastest growing regions.

“After eight years of business at Ray White Mooloolaba, the opportunity has arisen for our expansion into the Kawana region,” Mr Higgins said.

“The office in Kawana is in the geographic heart of what is one of the largest developments on the Sunshine Coast.”

The local coastal market is benefiting from strong investment into infrastructure projects, including the new $2billion 450-bed Sunshine University Hospital and the 200-bed Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.

“Ray White Mooloolaba has gone from strength to strength and we’re really proud of that,” Mr Goldsworthy said.

“This opportunity is a natural progression.

“A lot of our team want to grow further in their roles and Ray White Kawana will allow that.”

Mr Higgins and Mr Goldsworthy have been identified as two of Ray White’s most successful agents, leading a team at Mooloolaba which has been recognised internationally for its outstanding level of customer service.

“Customer service and satisfaction has been a hallmark of our business and placing clients first is what our entire business fabric is based around,” Mr Higgins said.

Both business owners have been working in the industry for more than 15 years, never losing their passion to support the talents of those around them.

“We’ve always looked to develop people first and look for opportunity second,” Mr Higgins said.

“People who work with us now will be those we’ll turn to for future offices and expansion.”

Ray White Queensland CEO Tony Warland congratulated Mr Higgins and Mr Goldsworthy on their expansion into Kawana.

“Both gentlemen have a strong record of success and are known for their outstanding customer service skills,” Mr Warland said.

“It is wonderful to see them accept this opportunity, one which will benefit the greater Sunshine Coast community.”

Ray White Kawana is at the corner of Lake Kawana Boulevard and The Decks, Birtinya.


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A MAJOR new manufacturing plant has opened on the Sunshine Coast which will soon provide 80 full-time jobs.

Network Steel and Aluminium’s new base at Kunda Park was officially opened today by Mayor Mark Jamieson.

It will employ 12 workers in the short term with ambitions to expand to 80 as it duplicates the scale of its Brisbane factory.

The company has been in operation for the past 26 years and supplies to an average of 160 new homes each week. It is expected to inject $8 million into the Coast economy.

Cr Jamieson said the new facility was another sign of rising business confidence on the Sunshine Coast.

“Network Steel and Aluminium’s commitment to our region represents a real win-win,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity for the company in a fantastic part of the world but also a great opportunity to further support our local building and construction industry into the future.

“As well as today’s opening, we’ve recently opened Youi’s global headquarters and celebrated the expansion of others such as Country Chef, Lang’s Building Supplies and Bizfurn who have deliberately chosen the Sunshine Coast over other regions.

“We are the smart place to do business.”

Network Steel and Aluminium’s expansion to the region came as a result of a Sunshine Coast Council campaign in Brisbane last year which promoted the benefits of opening new facilities on the Sunshine Coast.

Network Steel and Aluminium co-founder and managing director Peter McConnell said it was a great destination choice for the business as it offered a growing economy, access to talented staff and a great place to live and work.

“We’ve wasted no time in forming some great relationships in both the business world and the local community in only a few months,” McConnell said.

“We’re already working with Lang’s Building Supplies, Murphy’s Homes and Vantage Homes among other local subcontractors, and we’ve even started sponsoring the local Brothers Rugby Club.

“We feel strongly about being an active contributor and supporter of locals and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for us here.”

For more information about Network Steel and Aluminium, visit



A COAST tomato farmer wants to double his growing capacity in a $12 million joint venture to satisfy a national hunger for his bite-sized product.

Nora Valley owner Julian Long built the first 2.2 hectare greenhouse on his farm south of Yandina in 2005.

He maximised the capacity of the Gobberts Rd block in 2014 when he added another 2.2ha greenhouse.

His farm currently sells 1100 tonnes of snacking tomatoes a year, through a contractor into Coles supermarkets.
Mr Long said he employed about 60 people, made up of permanent casuals and full-time staff to keep the operation going year-round.

He hopes to double his output with his proposed development.

“The snacking tomato category since 2009 has really boomed,” Mr Long said.

“There is a very strong demand for the product.”

Snacking tomatoes typically weigh about 10g each but differ from cherry tomatoes in shape and flavour.

“It is a very good tasting (tomato).”

He said they had a sweet flavour and were popular options in children’s lunch boxes as well as other cooking.

His company wants to replicate the size of its current greenhouse facilities but on a different block of land, about 10 minutes drive away, on the northern side of Yandina.

A development application being considered by Sunshine Coast Council said that Bunya Rd block was owned by Wayne and Roslyn Masterton.

“Nora Valley supply snacking tomatoes to national supermarket chains such as Coles and Aldi,” the application read.

“There is increasing demand for snacking tomatoes and the supermarkets are looking to increase their supply during the winter months.

“The climate on the Sunshine Coast is ideal to grow tomatoes during the winter and this development seeks to exploit this natural advantage.”

The development is being considered by Sunshine Coast Council.



Visit Sunshine Coast is working in conjunction with local tourism organisations and chambers of commerce to launch the second phase of the Come to Life marketing campaign, targeting the surrounding drive market in South-East Queensland and beyond.

Building on the region’s “naturally refreshing” branding and the successful roll-out of phase one of the program during 2017, phase two includes seven new 15-second television commercials, a dedicated half-hour episode on the nationally-broadcast Queensland Weekender TV program, static and digital billboards throughout Brisbane metro, digital and social media placements and tourism offers redeemable until June 2018.

The campaign will run until mid-March highlighting Sunshine Coast local areas including Caloundra, Kawana, Eumundi, Coolum, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and the Hinterland, targeting Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Wide Bay regions.

Come to Life aligns with Tourism and Events Queensland’s recent campaign emphasising the amazing tourism experiences available across the state and reflects the Sunshine Coast’s five brand pillars:

•           Contemporary beach culture;

•           Wonders of nature;

•           Innovative food and produce;

•           Immersive encounters, and;

•           Events.

“This campaign is a great way to partner with sub-regional groups to increase destination awareness and encourage visitor dispersal from the surrounding drive market,” Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Simon Latchford said.

“While we are working to attract a balanced mix of visitors from national and international markets, we recognise that a vast amount of potential visitors are located within a 200km radius of the Sunshine Coast.

“To the year ending September 2017, the region attracted 3.4 million domestic overnight visitors, of which 2.5 million came from the intrastate market – it remains the region’s ‘bread and butter’ market.

“The aim of the campaign is to emphasise our well known ‘naturally refreshing’ strengths, but also to highlight area’s not as well-known attractions and the incredible diversity of experiences available within the region.

“Beyond our enviable beach culture is one of Australia’s most renowned food scenes, a vast range of health and wellness activities, adventure experiences and a vibrant arts and cultural sector.

“There are many popular beach destinations along the east coast, but few can offer such a diverse range of quality experiences that take in both beautiful coastal and dramatic hinterland landscapes.”

Destination Promotion panel member and general manager of Best Western Plus Lake Kawana Hotel John Orning said the drive market was very important for the region.

“It’s important to show the diversity of experiences that make up the Sunshine Coast and one of the most attractive aspects is that for so many potential holiday-makers, we are only located a short drive away,” Mr Orning said.

“It is very pleasing to see the first promotion of its kind for Kawana – that will not just appeal to leisure visitors, but also day trippers.

“Most importantly, the initiative shows a will to work together to promote the destination under the Sunshine Coast brand first and then individual sub regions and tourism businesses second. We are, after all, competing against many prominent destinations around Australia, and it makes sense to work together.”



THIS time next year residents should have another 100 stores to get the Christmas shopping done at Sunshine Plaza.

Centre manager Michael Manwaring said construction on the Sunshine Plaza redevelopment project was on track to be complete in late 2018.

“We’re looking to be open for Christmas next year,” Mr Manwaring said.

“We’re looking forward to it.”

The expansion is now in stage two, with workers pouring four massive concrete slabs for the David Jones site, which will come with another multi-storey car park.

“There’s two levels of car parking up on top of the retail level, so we get an express ramp off Millwell Rd, and another express ramp off Southern Dr,” Mr Manwarning said.

The area under construction will be home to David Jones, Big W and more than 100 new speciality retailers.

The multi-storey car park at Kmart was completed in late October, and the addition of the Myer and David Jones car parks will provide 3500 car parks, bringing the centre total to almost 5000 parking spaces.

The redevelopment will also deliver a new waterfront dining and leisure precinct along Cornmeal Creek, and an additional development application is before the Sunshine Coast Council for a high ropes course at the creek.

He expected all the regulated parking areas to become paid parking areas by March next year, bringing a consistent parking system across the shopping centre.

At present, two systems are in place, with the car parks near the cinema, Woolworths and behind Toys ‘R’ Us now charging fees for stays of more than three hours.

In the remaining car parks near Myer and Kmart, parking was limited to three hours but this restriction has been lifted for the Christmas shopping season.

It is estimated that the redevelopment will generate up to 2900 jobs during construction and about 2300 additional retail positions once the project is complete.





National car and home insurer Youi today unveiled its new Sunshine Coast headquarters building at the Sippy Downs technology precinct.

The completion of Stage 1 of the state-of-the-art four level building provides the rapidly growing insurer with 12,500 sq m of high-tech office space and accommodation for up to 1700 staff.

Mayor Mark Jamieson congratulated Youi on the completion of its new global headquarters, adding that the insurer’s commitment to the Sunshine Coast was expected to inject $1.2 billion into the local economy over the next decade.

“Sunshine Coast Council has been working with Youi for the past decade as it grew from a start-up business to be one of the region’s major employers now based in this very impressive global HQ,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“It really is a wonderful success story that is benefitting many thousands of locals.

“Youi has already made an enormous contribution to the Sunshine Coast and we thank them for their continuing confidence in our healthy, smart creative region.

“Their investment is one of the largest non-governmental related investments in our Sunshine Coast’s history.

“While people may be familiar with the Youi Call Centre, the global headquarters will be home to all corporate positions including IT, marketing, HR and other professions – providing a career path for those wanting to live and work on the Sunshine Coast.”

Youi CEO Frank Costigan said: “We are one of the region’s major employers and have been part of the Sunshine Coast since Youi commenced its Australian operation with 30 staff in 2008.

“The decision to build our new headquarters at Sippy Downs reinforces our commitment to growing with the community and providing additional employment opportunities across the region.

“The Sippy Downs location places Youi in the heart of the rapidly developing technology precinct and in close proximity to the University of the Sunshine Coast that will enable us to partner with the university.

“The new headquarters will feature an innovative advice hub where customers and public are made welcome to drop in to discuss their insurance or obtain advice about Youi’s products.”

The building is complimented by a highly-sophisticated security entry system that does away with access cards by recognising each individual staff member.

An energy-efficient building management system provides the capability to intelligently manage energy on a needs/demand basis with all lights sensor triggered and air-conditioning self-adjusting and zone controlled to optimise the efficient use of energy.

“There’s enormous excitement among our 900 plus Sunshine Coast staff about the move into the new building that will see all staff transition out of the existing Youi offices on Lake Kawana at Birtinya before Christmas,” Mr Costigan said.

“Youi is proud to be an integral part of the Sunshine Coast community and our prominent building signage is able to display multi-colours showing support for local organisations, community events and seasonal themes.”

Stage 2 of the project will see a 12,500 sq m wing added to the new headquarters providing space to accommodate up to 3000 staff.