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Happy Lunar New Year!  It’s the year of the fire rooster, which heralds a year of results and achievement.  Get the results you’re after in your search for a job - just click here to see the latest vacancies on the Sunshine Coast.  Good luck in the year ahead!

Weekly Jobs Update

Posted by | 20/01/2017 | Update

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Is your next job just a click away? We have all the latest local jobs on the Sunshine Coast, so CLICK HERE and connect to your next opportunity!

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It’s hot outside – and we’ve got the latest hot jobs on the Sunshine Coast right here.  Click here to bask in your weekly update…


Welcome to our first jobs update for 2017!  We wish you lots of success in your career this year.  Whether you’re actively looking, just keeping an eye out for something special or keeping your friends and family up to date, we have all the latest jobs right here!

Here is your last Weekly Jobs Update for 2016!  The team at Jobs On The Coast wish you a very Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year!


We’ve got all the latest jobs latest jobs across the Sunshine Coast region, right here on Jobs On The Coast.   Click here to view and apply!


Here it is – your weekly jobs update for the Sunshine Coast!  Keep up to date with all the latest vacancies right here and good luck with those applications!


Cleaners, Administrators, Electricians, Sales Professionals, Boat Builders, Physiotherapists…  Just a few of the roles on offer on Jobs On The Coast this week!  Click here to see these and 177 local job listings available now!


If you’re waiting for that lucky break during your job search, consider this quote:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  (Seneca)

So, spruce up your Resume, shine those shoes and connect to some great local opportunities in our weekly jobs update, right here!


At Jobs On The Coast we think the perfect way to end the week is to plan for the weekend!  If you’re looking for inspiration, we suggest clicking here to read our Weekly Local Jobs Update and then getting along to the Noosa International Film Festival.  Here’s to a great weekend!